Join Us at the United Nations for the Nuclear Weapons Ban and Prohibition Treaty Negotiations

The vast majority of the world’s nations have long been outraged by the refusal of the nuclear weapons states to honor their obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and traditional international humanitarian law to negotiate the complete elimination of their nuclear arsenals.  Since 2013, three extraordinary governmental International Conferences on the Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons have been held in Sweden, Mexico and Austria. These led the United Nations General Assembly to mandate negotiations for an international treaty to ban and prohibit nuclear weapons, leading to their total elimination.

The first round of these negotiations will begin at the United Nations in New York on March 27.  We invite you to join side events initiated and co-sponsored by Peace & Planet member organizations:

Wednesday, March 29, 10a.m – 1 pm, “How to successfully develop an international coalition toward the elimination of nuclear weapons?”

Organized by Gensuikyo , IPB, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Peace&Planet

Chair: Reiner Braun – IPB / Yayoi Tsuchida – Gensuikyo

· Ray Acheson, Canada, WILPF: Working with governments toward the elimination of Nuclear Weapons

· Massimo Artini, Italy, Involving Parliamentarians in the ban negotiations

· Joseph Gerson, USA, AFSC -US: New threats on Nuclear Weapons in the US

· Jürgen Sheffran, Germany, The responsibility of scientists

· Hiroshi Taka, Japan, Gensuikyo : Japan’s contribution to mobilize public opinion.

· Dave Webb, UK, CND/Peace&Planet : Building the momentum against nuclear weapons


Thursday,  March 30,  1pm –2.30pm,” What content should have the ban treaty in order to be efficient?”

Organised by IPB, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Peace&Planet

Chair: Amela Škiljan- IPB

· John Burroughs, USA, IALANA : How can the ban treaty lead to nuclear weapons elimination?

· Arielle Denis, France, IPB : What core prohibitions should be addressed in the nuclear ban treaty?

· Sergio Duarte, Pugwash : What rule of procedure would make the ban treaty process both unblockable and inclusive?

· Lou Maresca, ICRC · Susi Snyder, PAX / ICAN : Would the ban treaty challenge the nuclear umbrella cooperation?

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